Smarter Water is Super water - No Brushing - Starting at $19.99 - Long live pets!

Hate Brushing your pet's teeth?

Just add a pinch to your pet's water bowl for fresh breath, healthy gums, and teeth!

Targets plaque and tartar build-up

Taste and odor-free pet dental care water additive

All natural, no-toxic bleach or chemicals

45-Day Supply $19.99

Smarter Water

Smarter Water - Microbiome Science

Smarter Water™ improves your pet's oral health without brushing. Each drink sends signals to microbes in your pet's mouth, including those below the gum line:

  • First our water additive blocks the sugar sensors on carbohydrate-loving microbes. This prevents them from consuming sugars that produce inflammatory and acidic waste, resulting in fresher breath and healthier teeth and gums.
  • Secondly, our blend of vitamins and amino acids encourages microbes to break down proteins instead of sugars. This helps neutralize acids, reduce teeth yellowing, and eliminate bad breath in pets, leading to improved overall oral health for your furry friends 🐾💦.

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