Healthy dog treats- Furpeeps FAQs

What are prebiotics?

A - Food for probiotics that support the beneficial bacteria in the GI track, mouth and skin. Many people don’t know that prebiotics are more than fiber. Tooth and Tailz Polyphenol Prebiotics are an advanced formulation of natural ingredients derived from superfoods such as green tea and pomegranate that are more effective than “fiber” prebiotics alone.  We have spent over a $1 million dollars on R&D and clinical trials of our patented formulations to build Health Dog Treat Technology.


What are probiotics?

A - Live bacteria that live in the gut and affect general health.


What do you mean by microbiome?

A - It's a collection of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that reside in your dog's body, playing a crucial role in maintaining health. The gut microbiome is situated in the digestive tract, while the oral microbiome has its unique set of important bacteria and microbes residing in your dog's mouth.

How Does your pet's mouth or gut become imbalanced?

A- The microbiome becomes imbalanced when it lacks "good" bacteria, harbors an excess of harmful bacteria, or lacks sufficient diversity. Various factors such as disease, age, diet, and medications, particularly antibiotics, can contribute to bacterial imbalances in your dog's mouth or gut.


 Why are our nutritious dog treats good for the dog?

Based on the leading prebiotic for humans, Tooth and Tailz founders refined and improved the formulation to be most effective for dogs and dog treats.  In fact, we have worked on dosing and formulations specific to your dog.  Tooth and Tailz prebiotics are both safe and effective - the prebiotic works well at low doses (although a little more slowly) and is “buffered” so that dogs can have many treats without adverse effects


 Have you done scientific studies that support benefit of prebiotics for dogs?

A -More than $1 million dollars was spent on product development and peer reviewed human clinical trials to build our Health Dog Treat Technology.   The prebiotics used in Tooth and Tailz products were originally designed to address gum disease, tooth decay and intestinal distress in human patients.  In our studies daily use was shown to enhance oral health, gut health, and increase well-being and reduce inflammation.  Tooth and Tailz formulated our super dog treats based on this clinical science and testing. Our formulas contain only human-grade ingredients and all are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA for use in food, and have been tested for safety for over 40 years in both humans and animals. Bonus they taste delicious and are guilt free treats!


What are the top benefits of prebiotics for dogs and cats?

      Improved GI health (no more loose stools)
      Fresh Breath
      Healthier Teeth and Gums
      Improved coat quality           
      Reduces inflammation    
      Fecal consistency               
      Boost immune system
      Improved behavior and cognition     
      Allergy relief
      Supports overall vitality


What’s so special about your healthy dog treats?

A- Flavor combined with science. Our delicious treats are filled with a proprietary mix of effective prebiotics for your dog, free of chemicals and artificial preservatives. 
For your Dogs Teeth & Gums: Our advanced prebiotics work to block the bacteria from using sugar so they can’t convert it into acid and plaque. Our vitamins enables health-promoting bacteria to consume protein instead of sugar, resulting in less acid and inflammation. The sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acidity and forms a protective barrier, which results in a less decay and gum inflammation and Woof!  Fresh breath!
For your Dogs Gut Health  Our prebiotics go to your dogs lower digestive tract, where they act like fertilizers to help the healthy bacteria grow. Without prebiotics, good bacteria in your pets gut can suffer. Our prebiotics have been show to reduce diarrhea, loose stools, gas, bloating and GI discomfort. 

Good gut health has also been linked to improved coat quality and a stronger immune system. 




Can my dog get the same prebiotic benefits from his regular diet?


A- Yes if you are regularly feeding prebiotic-rich foods such as raw oats, flaxseeds, sweet potatoes and pumpkin in the needed quantity.



How is investing in treats for dogs with prebiotics a savvy decision?


A-Investing in the overall health of your dog’s gut reduces the chance of vet’s visits and sickness while improving his/her health and wellbeing.  Don't forget,  the overall experience of cleaning up your pet’s poop will be less traumatic.



My dog is a picky eater, what’s the return policy?


A- Risk free

Try our treats for (15) days and if your dog doesn’t like them or you don’t see any improvement in his overall health, (or poop) you’ll get your money back.