Furpeeps Labs Science


"Molecular Murder" (antiseptics & antibiotics) is an ineffective means of bacteria control that kills both the "Good" and the "Bad" Bacteria.  Furpeeps Labs created the first plant-derived, dental water and pet treats that strengthen the microbiome and build immunity.
A large clinical study in humans was the first indication of the power and clinical efficacy of our Petliva prebiotic formula(s). Our Founders, along with Veterinarians and Researchers at Stanford University, worked on the discovery, formulation, and science that was presented in a clinical trial, peer-reviewed publications and scientific studies.  This work show long-term benefits that include reduced inflammation, improved gut health, and a healthy oral microbiome.

Introducing Smarter Water - a revolutionary pet water additive designed to address oral health issues caused by carbohydrates and harmful bacteria. This innovative method uses metabolic influencers to transform disease-causing bacterial biofilms into beneficial ones, reducing inflammation and improving overall breath and oral health. Smarter Water® harnesses clinically proven molecular nutrition for targeted growth of beneficial microbes in your pet's mouth, while reducing the growth of harmful pathogens fueled by sugar fermentation. The ultimate goal is to promote a healthier oral environment and enhance your pet's overall well-being.
Furpeeps labs SMARTER WATER protects your pet's teeth & gums with every sip.  Think of it as a "Molecular Toothbrush" in your pet's water bowl.  Our Plant based water additive uses; 1) Amino acids to reduce plaque and biofilm, 2) Vitamins to encourage healthy bacteria, 3) Prebiotics to discourage unhealthy bacteria and, 4) Baking soda to control acid & bad breath.  We never use Oxy-chlorine, Bleach, Alcohol, or any other toxic chemicals like the other leading brands. 
When your dog has bad breath, it's often caused by an excess of harmful bacteria, either in the mouth or the gut. An overgrowth of these bacteria can lead to an imbalance in your dog's oral or gut microbiome.
Furpeeps Labs SMARTER TREATS prebiotic treats are the next generation of superfood dog treats. Our natural prebiotic treats strengthen and reset the gut and the immune system of your pet.  In addition to building a healthier microbiome, Smarter Treats also strengthen the protective lining in the intestine. This rapidly rebuilds and reinforces the main barrier against harmful bacteria, toxins, and digestive enzymes leaking into your dog’s body.
SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION.  Furpeeps Labs relies on world-class scientific and clinical investigation for all its product's safety and efficacy.  Our products have all been thoroughly quality tested and validated.