Our Amazing Science


A large clinical study in humans was the first indication of the power and clinical efficacy of our patented and trade secret prebiotic formulas. Our Founder Michael Evans along with Dr. John Morton, MD, at Stanford University worked on the discovery, formulation and science that was presented in a clinical trial and peer-reviewed publication in the “World Journal of Gastroenterology”: a double-blind, randomized clinical study that demonstrated subjects with symptoms of diarrhea, upset stomach, gas & bloating who received our patented prebiotic formula showed rapid, significant and sustained improvement of multiple symptoms vs. subjects receiving placebo.**
Further work has been done with our natural Petliva Prebiotic blend in clinical studies in animals to show that long-term systemic benefits that include reduced inflammation and decreased gut permeability.  This work also shows that prebiotic effects clearly translate across species both in the gut and oral microbiome.

MICROBIOME SUPERPOWERS - "The future of pet treats"
Treats make dogs happy.  Furpeeps SMARTER TREATS makes your dog happy AND healthy.  Furpeeps Labs prebiotic treats are the next generation of superfood dog treats. Our natural prebiotic treats strengthen and reset the gut and the immune system of your pet while our SMARTER WATER tooth shield water additive coats and protects your dog's teeth and gums with every drink.  We like to think of it as a Molecular Toothbrush in your pups water bowl.
While many prebiotics are just fiber alone, Furpeeps labs polyphenol prebiotics also provide specially formulated plant extracts to power up the canine microbiome.  In addition to building a healthier microbiome, Smarter Treats also strengthen the protective lining in the intestine. This rapidly rebuilds and reinforces the main barrier against harmful bacteria, toxins, and digestive enzymes leaking into your dog’s body.
Our SMARTER WATER teeth shield product uses microbiome science to create a water soluble product that strengthens the oral microbiome, fights plaque & tartar and balances pH, by fighting bad bacteria.  Fresh breath and healthy teeth are just two of its many amazing benefits.  Just add Smarter Water Teeth Shield to your dog's water or food to protect your pup from issues that can lead to painful procedures and expensive vet bills.
SMARTER TREATS and our SMARTER WATER tooth shield products were designed by veterinarians and scientists to solve some of the biggest challenges in pet health care.  Our products are all made with only the best natural ingredients, resulting in products that meet the very highest standards.  All our products are 100% Human Grade, and made here in the USA.
Furpeeps Labs relies on world class scientific and clinical investigation for all its products safety and efficacy.  Our products have all been thoroughly tested and validated. Our active ingredient in SMARTER TREATS, Peltiva, has been the subject of multiple rigorous studies at the highest standard of clinical research.  We love your pets (almost) as much as you.  We have tested and refined our microbiome based products over many years in multiple peer reviewed clinical studies** to help keep your best friend healthy and happy.  
**Published Clinical Study:  J, Morton MD. Resolution of acute gastroenteritis symptoms in children and adults treated with a novel polyphenol-based prebiotic.
World J Gastroenterology 20(34): 12301-12307