Hate Brushing your Pup's Teeth?  Just a pinch in your pet's water.  Turns your pet's water bowl into a Molecular toothbrush.  

Dog's oral care couldn't get any easier. All Natural, Human Grade, and Vet approved. Our Prebiotic fights bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. 

Keep your pup's mouth fresh and healthy naturally without any nasty chemicals.  

"Since I started using Smarter Water, my dog's stinky breath is much better, and his teeth are whiter, even our Vet noticed!" - Joanna Morales, Corgie mom

You’ll first notice an improvement in your pet's breath also, look for increased whiteness of your pet's teeth*.  Smarter Water is unique because it targets the bacteria below the gumline.  *May take several weeks to see full effects