Smarter Treats - Tummy Care $16.00, ~30 Treats

Furpeeps Labs Prebiotic Treats have been formulated to provide a unique blend of Polyphenol Prebiotics to help balance good gut bacteria. The powerful ingredients in these delicious treats can support your pet’s digestive system, leaving them to live a more comfortable, healthy, and active lifestyle.

Dog's gut health couldn't get any easier. All Natural and Vet approved in a delicious treat! For healthy poops and stronger immune health!

  • Formulated to support digestive health and keep your pup regular

  • Designed with ingredients that may help provide nutritional support for your dog's gut lining and aid in digestion and the absorption of vital nutrients

"Since I started using Furpeeps Tummy Treats, my dog's loose stools are completely resolved!" - Muna Keys, puppy mom*

 *May take several days to see full effects

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