The Science

It all starts in the microbiome. 

We all know that our pet’s oral and microbiome health are intricately connected and fundamental to their natural vitality, immunity, and long life. Furpeeps labs is pushing for innovative, safer, smarter pet products for powerful holistic oral and gut health! 
Smarter Water protects your pet's teeth and gums while strengthening their microbiome with every sip! Using a multi-level target approach with many powerful natural active ingredients! 
            • Plant-based Prebiotics to encourage good bacteria
            • Plant-based Polyphenols to encourage good bacteria 
            • Amino acids to reduce plaque and eliminate biofilms 
            • Vitamins to encourage good bacteria
            • Plant-based Enzymes to …
            • pH balancers like baking soda to control acids and bad breath
            • Plant-based sugar-decoys to starve sugar loving bad bacteria 
            • Medicinal Herbs! 
Unfortunately, many leading brands use harsh bleaching chemicals and antiseptics in their products that act more like antibiotics killing everything, good bacteria and bad bacteria, leaving a void and never solving the deeper issues! 
We never use harsh chemical ingredients commonly used by leading brands. 
            • Never Oxy-Chlorine
            • Never Bleach
            • Never Alcohols 
Smarter Treats prebiotic treats are the next generation of superfood dog treats. Our natural prebiotic treats strengthen and reset the gut and the immune system of your pet.  In addition to building a healthier microbiome, Smarter Treats also strengthen the protective lining in the intestine. This rapidly rebuilds and reinforces the main barrier against harmful bacteria, toxins, and digestive enzymes leaking into your dog’s body.