Long Live Pets!

We're a mission-based company

 Our mission is to drive huge improvements in pet oral health and wellbeing through the power of microbiome science and innovation! Today we’re bringing microbiome science to create innovative naturally smarter water, smarter treats, and smarter pet care products, cultivating happy, vibrant, and healthy pets everyday of the year! 

Our story. Never settle for false-marketing.

Furpeeps Labs grew out of Stanford University Laboratory’s studying effective natural solutions to oral and gut health in both humans and animals. At Stanford, our founder, Michael Evans, discovered the benefits of a variety of natural plant-based ingredients that have since proven to be a game-changer helping us create the most powerful, science based, natural solutions that transform your pet oral and gut health from the inside out! 

What's the problem? 

Pets' oral and microbiome health is fundamental to their natural vitality, immunity, and long life. And nobody likes bad dog breath! Yet many of the popular brands market “natural” and “non-toxic” products that in reality are full of harsh chemical ingredients like chlorines, bleaches, and others that do more harm than good. 
            • 100% human-grade ingredients.
            • Target root causes, not symptoms! 
            • Transform health from the inside out
            • Yes Prebiotics
            • Yes polyphenols 
            • Yes enzymes
            • Yes pH balancers
            • Yes Sugar decoys 
            • Yes herbal medicines 
            • No oxy-chlorines 
            • No bleaches
            • No alcohols 
  Skip the harsh chemicals marketed by popular brands, natural and effective solutions work even better!

Furpeeps Labs - Long Live Pets!